Emily A. Hanink

Emily A. Hanink

emhanink [at] iu.edu

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Welcome! I'm an Assistant Professor in the Department of Linguistics at Indiana University. I received my Ph.D. from The University of Chicago.

My research focuses on theoretical syntax and its interfaces with semantics and morphology.

My work concerns topics including relativization, clausal embedding, DP structure, degree constructions, and concord/agreement.

Much of my research draws from my fieldwork on Wá·šiw (Washo), an Indigenous language spoken around Lake Tahoe (dáʔaw).
I have also worked on German (and its dialects), Basaá, and Fijian.

News and upcoming

March 2023

Talk at research network Definiteness across Domains meeting (Wuppertal, Germany)
Relative clauses without relative pronouns

February 2023

Colloquium at the University of Rochester
Derived entities: parallels between nominalization and relativization

September 2022

I joined the Editorial Board of The Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics!

August 2022

I started a new job as a TT Assistant Professor at Indiana University!